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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today while sitting on the deck and watching
the sunrise and seeing the birds flying to and fro, I am amazed how God has
created such a wonderful world filled with such intricacies.  As I sit and
watch this all unfold, I see tiny little seeds floating by no bigger than a pin
point.  They would gently glide by, some landing softly on the deck while
others were seeking other places to be.  God has a plan for each of them,
some to be food for a small bird flying by, while others will become a plant or
perhaps a great tree somewhere; they are wonders of nature, each seed will in
turn sustain life for God's creatures.  

Yesterday while recuperating from my
illness I was sitting on the porch watching the hummingbirds and the little
baby cardinals on our porch lattice.  Anne planted vines of honeysuckle
near them and they have grown on the lattice, thus providing homes and food for
our feathered friends.  As I turned my gaze over to the woods, I noticed a
small opening there in the forest.  I could see into the deepest part of
the woods where the sun did not shine.  I wondered what creatures were in that
part of the woods where I could not see.  

While gazing intently into the forest my
thoughts went back only a short time ago to the day that Will, Abby and myself
were looking for leprechauns in those same woods. We would call out for them to
show themselves, but to our discouragement, none appeared.  We then found
signs of their presence.  Abby found a large strange looking mound of dirt
located in an open spot near some sumac trees.  Will noticed that it had an
entrance hole so we called down for the leprechauns to come out.  Much to
our chagrin, they did not appear.  Looking around further, we found
another hole and surmised that they must have escaped through that exit.   We did find evidence though of the
leprechauns being there. Green moss was located in spots near the mound.
 Each place where the moss was found, we found that it was the exact
location of where a leprechaun had sat. The children had located several places
where the moss was growing and both Will and Abby became very excited in seeing
that the leprechauns had been close by.     

Another day we noticed fairy dust on a
branch of a tree, a silvery crust on the bark.  I told my children that
here is where a fairy sat down to rest.  Will wanted to scrape it off and
bring it back to Mama, but after Daddy stopped sneezing from holding it, I
convinced them to show her by having Mama come up to the site. They now hold
our woods as a very magical place filled with wonder and awe.  I too wish
with all my heart for a leprechaun or fairy to appear.  

This summer I am going to take Will to
the top of our 500 foot hill behind us because that is where Shawnasee the king
leprechaun lives.  There is a small cave entrance there, but as I told
Will, it is closed most of the time and is only opened when the king decides to
come out and run through the forest with the other leprechauns.  Will
still looks for the pot of gold in the woods.  

We sometimes as a family, go to a local
cemetery (Woodlawn), which was constructed with over 70 different species of
trees, not counting all the wonderful bushes and shrubs growing there.  It
is at the edge of the forest and has an abundance of wildlife walking, playing
and flying in it.  The original design for Woodlawn Cemetery was to build
it as an arboretum and cemetery. In carrying out the traditions of the German ancestors,
they built cemeteries like Woodlawn in much of Germany.  They used these resting places for
parks and picnic areas as well.  Space was at a premium in Germany and so
by combining the beauty of a park with that of a cemetery, it became very
functional.  The German immigrants
carried on this tradition here in Winona as well. People today walk, run and
bike through the cobblestone and narrow roads leading to the terraced hills of

We as a family like to visit Woodlawn
because of the beauty of the trees and shrubs when blossoming in the spring,
and also because leprechauns live in the woods that border the cemetery.  I quite often roll down the windows of
the car and holler out for the king of the leprechauns, “I know your out there
Shawnosee, show yourself!” in an Irish accent. Abby and Will then follow with
the same calls. 

Along with calling and looking for the leprechauns,
we have also discovered that they are very fast and hard to see. Well, this is
always so much fun for us, even Anne gets into the role by telling the kids she
hears the leprechauns running by us because of the rustling leaves we hear, the
origins, (which will never be revealed) are from the wake of our car. 

It was such fun, except for one Sunday,
while we went through the same routines at Woodlawn, upon entering the
cemetery. I hollered out as I always do for Shawnasee the king leprechaun, and we
all got excited in anticipating what would happen next. What transpired though
was not expected.  I hadn’t seen the
two ladies walking above us on the terraced hillside.  When approaching them, I greeted each lady with a good morning
and much to my surprise, they just looked at me as if I were dangerous and/or
deranged.  I could not figure out
why they looked at me the way they had. Then finally they both hesitantly
responded with an unsure greeting in reply as they were passing.  

I looked over at Anne and then realized
what had just happened, they must have thought I was hollering out at them or
some imaginary foe, either way I do believe they wanted to leave the cemetery
very quickly.  Either way, the leprechauns did not
appear that day.  Only a red-faced
Daddy appeared to his family. 
Being children though, they were not fazed by Daddy’s embarrassment.  Each child wanted to find either a leprechaun
or a fairy that day.  
How we need to be children at
times.  To have their unfathomable
faith and belief that the impossible exists and that the unseen is
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