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Sunday, June 19, 2011


New life among the field of wild daisies.
Today has been so wonderful and the sunlight is very nice to see again.  We enjoyed driving up to the Twin Cities, going to Cabela’s Outfitters and visiting a water park with our children.  In speaking of the water park, it was wonderful seeing Will and Abby enjoying themselves playing on the different water slides.  Anne went down with both our children on the tube slides.  She coaxed Abby into going down the big water slide and when they reached the top level which was about 5 stories off the ground, Abby became quiet.  Abby said to Anne as they were starting out that she was afraid of the high heights.  Anne then became apprehensive over Abby’s fears thinking this was perhaps not a good idea as they went speeding down the slide.  When they got to the bottom Abby announced, “ that made my tummy upset.”  Abby felt afterwards though that going down the slide was a “big girl” accomplishment.   

Visitor to our meadow.
It seems that way with us at times, we see the heights of the obstacles that we face and are overwhelmed with fear that paralyzes us into making any decisions that are effective in completing our goals.  We are tired from our climb to the top and now we are faced with the greatest challenge, that of confronting our greatest fear, completing the task at hand.  So what do we do next, walk back down the steps and resign our selves to the fact that being on the ground is good.  That is where it is predictable and safe, and is better than heading into the unknown, or do we plunge into the unfamiliar feet first. 

Celebrating Abby's 6th birthday.
I remember going to college for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the years of study ahead of me.  I looked at all the different classes I had to take in order to complete my degree.  After looking at the mountain of work ahead of me, it paralyzed me from making immediate decisions.  What was I to do, if I could not make it through higher math or some class that was difficult for me, I might have to drop out and quit, then what?  This would be embarrassing to say the least, and then there is another unknown facing me again, that is, another uncertain future.  What would I do then if this long-term challenge were not possible?  I felt overwhelmed into making even the smallest decision at that point.  Someone then gave me some very good advice, he said “Do not look at the whole picture, map out the general direction that you want to go and then let it take care of itself.  Next, look at the decisions that you must make today and this week, these are what are in your power to do.

First field trip!
Goals: When looking at your goals one must ask, “What must I do to accomplish my ultimate goal, to get to where I want to be, in this amount of time with the resources I have at hand?”  Breaking down your goal into workable amounts that are manageable is important.  Having a schedule allows for windows of flexibility within that plan.   Remember; write out a schedule that makes these immediate decisions possible in completing your tasks at hand.  This would include a daily schedule of jobs that need to be accomplished.  Then, after the week is done, write down your next week’s schedule and follow that with the week of tasks to be completed.  Breaking tasks into manageable groups is what makes the bigger undertakings possible. 

In looking back at my first year of college, it taught me several survival techniques.  Making out reasonable work schedules, keeping in mind my ultimate goal and building in my schedule a plan for unknown events.  Remember, due to these unknown factors coming your way, weekly adjustments need to be made, but the overall schedule is what allows for the bigger goals to be accomplished.

Inches from our cat Toby, chippy realizes she has made a life
changing decision.  She narrowly escapes due to Toby's
recent overeating experience at the cat dish.
When I choose to use college as an example, keep in mind for me it was an overwhelming task.  I believe that for many students who go to college, it is not the lack of intelligence that causes them to drop out.  Many very intelligent people smarter than myself have not completed their degrees.  For many, it was not being able to keep up with the amount of work given to them by not having a system of accomplishing daily and weekly requirements.  For others, it was not having any goals at all, or at least realistic objectives.

College is one set of circumstances that can be used in setting goals.  There are many challenges in life that are just as formidable.  Remember; break down your work into manageable amounts each day in working toward your ultimate goal.  If for example you want to be a teacher, farmer, mechanic or nurse, these are worthy careers to aspire to.  If you want to be kinder, happier and more loving, these too are admirable goals.  In whatever job or state of mind that you find yourself in, be the best that you can be.  Just remember, our work does not define who we are, it is our desires to be more than what we are that help us to be more complete as a person.  Keep in mind though; one must first set goals and a plan to take us there.

Household Tip of the Week:  Making a daily schedule of household duties that can be accomplished in 5 days can save one from a lot of stress.  For instance:  Monday~ Clean bathrooms,  Tuesday~Clean bedrooms, Wednesday~Clean Entryways, Thursday~Laundry, etc.
Most of you reading this have very busy weeks, I have found for myself, that by breaking down my household tasks, it eliminates a lot of stress by knowing that all of the house will be clean by the end of the week.

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