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Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Soldier

A Soldier: I am reminded that it was a soldier that Jesus said had the greatest faith in all of Israel. He was not even a Hebrew, but the enemy of the Israelites, a Roman Centurion. (Luke 7:9) 
None of the Hebrews, including Moses, were allowed into the promise land. It was two soldiers (Joshua and Caleb) that entered the promise land because they were not afraid of the enemy and their size. It was because they had the faith to believe that God was on their side. (Joshua 1:24) 
A small man turned into a soldier in just one day. God chose him not because of his looks, size or popularity. God chose him because of his fierce love for his Lord. With God on his side, he conquered the Philistines by beating a giant called Goliath with only one stone, his name was David. (1 Samuel 17) This one battle gave the soldiers of Israel the courage to go after the Philistines and defeat them. 
A soldier believes in his duty, the cause that he fights for and will do his responsibility regardless of his feelings or the loss he has to suffer. He is willing to sacrifice even himself for his comrades and his country. His faith in our Lord is no different. He knows that his belief is rooted in a God who gave his only son for us so that we could one day be with him in heaven. His son freely laid his life down for the ones he loved and a soldier knows that he can do no less if that is what he is asked to do.