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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blossoming in Adversity

A flower blooms where the seed has fallen.  To one it is loss, another sees it as gain.

This morning I went out golfing at 6:30 a.m. I noticed that the air was cold and the breeze was brisk as I walked out on the fairway.  The coolness of the temperatures immediately woke me up from my drowsiness. 

This can be a scenic pond to some, for others
it is a water trap on the golf course
Normally I find that it is easy to praise God as I walk alone on the golf course, but today I felt sadness in my heart.  I did not feel like praising him, I wanted to be Eeyore, and to be left alone in my gloomy state.  I then remembered that it was not my place to let myself be self-absorbed and self-centered on my saddened state; I realized that I needed to exercise discipline, and praise God in-spite of my feelings and present circumstances.  I came to see that as I walked along, that I must forget about my “right” to be sad, and to praise God in spite of my disjointed disposition.  Scripture (Rev. 4:11) says that we ought to praise God because he is our creator and deserves our praise.  The Bible does not record within it that praise must be given according to our moods and circumstances.

Each challenge can be seen as an obstacle, or
as an adventure waiting to happen.
I have found that it is easy to give praise when things are going well, but I find it hard to glorify God at times when life is less than enjoyable, that is because of difficulties that I am facing at the time.  When looking back over the years, I have come to realize that I do not know everything, and I never will.  God allows things into my life for a purpose, and not all those things will bring immediate happiness.  This reminds me of giving Abby her nightly medicine.  When taking it, I know that the taste does not determine its benefit for her, if that were the case, then few of us would consume our medicines.  I have come to realize, and I have to remind myself at times like this morning, that God teaches us many things, and all them have a purpose, but we are not always privy to the answers at the time.  Sometimes God never reveals the “whys” to his reasoning’s in a given situation.  It is during those times, like now, that I need to trust him in leading me through the darkness, and belief in him for the right outcome. 

I have come to understand this morning that when praising God, that it was not easy to do.  I had no external reason for the praise, yet I knew that by praising him, I was admitting that God was lord over my life, in spite of my feelings and immediate circumstances.  In thinking further on this as I walked, I realized that God does indeed truly deserve my praises.  It is a sacrifice of praise to give him worship.  As a flower reaches toward the sun, we too were made to worship our creator and seek life.  I found myself reaching out beyond my circumstances and feelings, and trusting God to take care of me.  As I walked further along, my heart began to change and I found the heaviness disappearing from my soul.  Then I knew, all was well!

We are all at different stages in our spiritual growth.  God meets us
where we are at and helps us to bloom.  His grace is sufficient for the day.