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Sunday, September 22, 2013

In Memory of Marjorie Dalzell

My spirit ascends to you O'Lord.  I am coming home.

Marjorie (Marj) Dalzell  1920-2013

This last week our family has been experiencing the loss of Marj. Dalzell.  She was grandmother to my wife Anne, and great grandmother to our children.  My mother-in-law Marjorie has experienced the greatest loss, the passing of her mother Marj.  Marj was a wonderful lady.  She lived her remaining years here in Winona, Minnesota with her husband Ron.  Ron preceded Marj in death in 2007.

Catherine Dalzell giving tribute
to her grandma Marjorie
 at the memorial service.
Marj was a wonderful lady that I came to know throughout the years.  She was kind and loving to our family and she always had special things to say to our children.  In listening about her life recently I realized that I did not really know much of Marj’s past until this last week when children and grandchildren brought many of their memories of her to the table, and we all listened to these wonderful stories.  

Marj spent many years on the road with her husband Ron doing evangelical mission work in Canada and the U.S.  Needless to say, she devoted her life to the Lord, and to her family. 
In gentle service and love to Marjorie.
Gayle Porter and little Abby Thurmer.

For me, it was my privilege to have known her for these short 14 years.  Christians like Marj express more of Christ’s love by their actions than by words.  She had a gentle soul that would lift you out of the depths of despair by her touch and gentle smile.  Many times Marj and I would joke about things and she would quietly chuckle at my humor.  

I never got to know my real mother, but I did get to know my mom’s twin.
Abby singing her first solo at Marj's memorial service.
  She too had the same gentle spirit like that of Marj, and my aunt as well appreciated humor in our mutual relationship.  Both my aunt 
Inis and Marj were much alike.  I often thought that if my mom would have lived I hoped that she would have been much like Marj.  God has been very generous with me in that he has surrounded me with people like Marj who have reflected the image of Christ in their kindness and love. 

Bryan Dalzell speaking about his mother Marjorie.
I am a better person for knowing Marjorie.  In her gentle submission to God’s will in her life, she has been a conduit of Christ’s love to many thousands of people that Marjorie has touched, and I was fortunate enough to be one of them.    
It was my privilege to have known 
Marjorie for these last 14 years.  Rest in peace my friend. May God's loving arms hold you to his heart.
Abby and aunt Gayle singing and playing piano at the service.