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Friday, June 8, 2012

Cat and Mouse, or should I say, chipmunk.

No amount of words can describe this scene.

In many instances around our home, my camera is not to far away from me.  There is always something interesting taking place in one form or another in or around our house, one such occurrence happened yesterday.  It took place by our front garden.  Anne and I were having coffee on the front porch, all the while witnessing a strange event; as we were talking, a chipmunk came running past at full speed.  Soon, our cat Kelly came charging past in hot pursuit.   We then watched the chipmunk run into what I call, our bamboo grass, and then Kelly followed chippy at a full gallop.  After a few moments of thrashing of the grass, the chipmunk came running out at a full run. It spotted our pear tree and ran at lightning speed up the tree and then vanished into the leaves.  It was nowhere to be seen.

Nothing can take the place of passion.
Soon Kelly followed it out of the bamboo grass, frantically looking for it.  When our kitty was about to give up, a leaf came fluttering down by Kelly’s head.  She looked up and spotted the chipmunk hiding way up in the tree.  (In retrospect, I believe the chipmunk clipped the leaf to draw Kelly to its hideout.) Our cat then without hesitation clawed her way up the side of the tree.  The clever chipmunk though, ran down the other side without Kelly noticing it. 

Life at its best!
The odd thing about this whole scenario was that the chipmunk waited at the bottom of the tree for Kelly to spot it, rather than making an easy escape.  Chippy then after accomplishing its task, scurried away into the grass, just narrowly escaping the jaws of Kelly.  I believe our little chipmunk was not afraid of our cat, it wanted to play with the Grim-Reaper and see if it could beat Kelly at her own game.  Later, we watched our kitty hop like a kangaroo through the tall grass looking for chippy, but to no avail, it was not to be. 

All is vanity!  A fuzzed tail on the chase.
Both Anne and I looked at each other, smiled and carried on with our previous discussion.  Another event had taken place that added to our day.