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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Becoming young at heart.

Abby and Will feeding the ducks.

The other day a good friend sent this funny story to me about a little boy and his conception of a minister’s sense of direction.  Below is the story as to what transpired.

"Son, could you help me find the post office, I am new in town."

"Sure, just go two blocks and it is on your right."

"Thank you"

"You are welcome."

"Son, I am the new pastor in town and I was wondering if you would be interested into coming to our service on Sunday?  I will show you how to get to heaven!"

The little boy replied with a chuckle. "Awww, come on... You don't even know the way to the     
Post Office." 
Abby's depiction of mommy at her office.
How many times do we see funny situations like this and chuckle over what has just happened.  Children are wonderful reflections of ourselves at times.  Once when I was a principal at a 4-7 grade school, I had a funny thing happen to me.  One of those amusing occasions occurred one day while monitoring students on the playground.  Our 4th grade boys and girls were out playing and running around happily after finishing their dinners’.  I was in the midst of talking to another teacher, all the while monitoring about one hundred students playing, when the occurrence happened.  What transpired next caught me totally off guard.  A group of 4th grade girls came up to me and ripped my winter coat open without saying a word and started to dance around in excitement.  The teacher standing by me was taken back as much as I was.  I didn’t even have time to say a word when one of the girls looked at the rest of her group and announced that she was right.  Trying to regain my principaI composure, I then asked her what she was right about.  She said with confidence that I was indeed wearing my Looney Tunes tie today.  I had everything I could do to not break open with laughter.  The other teacher looked away from me and was desperately trying to stifle a laughing response as he quickly faded into the distance.  He exerted all his willpower in not letting the girls (or me) see him laughing.   As he quickly retreated, his shaking body gave him away though.  After that day, the 4th grade girls would run over to me and excitedly rip open my Velcro fasteners to my coat and see which cartoon tie I was wearing for that particular day. 

American Queen docking at Winona's Port
Children at this age still have not developed their inhibitions yet, and are so very excited about each day, and what fun they can make of each experience that comes their way.  I too learned from them that I needed to do the same.  We can acquire so much from our little ones because of the innocence they possess, “and” their excitement for life as well.  Too many times we seek continuity and certainty over that of pursuing the unpredictable. 

Life is made up of many new things that one can do in a day.  Try this, seek to do one new thing today, something that you have never done before.  Perhaps it might be the game “Kick the Can” or writing a blog for the first time.  Whatever it is, don’t fear the outcome before you start, just do it and enjoy the moment.  Our little children do this everyday; this is the way that they learn best by making it into a fun experience. 

Abby's present to Great Grandma, the hat Abby made for her birthday
I believe that we do not grow old because our bodies refuse to do as we ask; we grow old because we are afraid to learn by trying something new.  Do not let the fear of failure stop you from becoming young again.  Throw your reservations to the wind and let God help you to become young of heart once again.