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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Evil Comes! Will hope be found?

Opulence and wealth surround the people of England and most of Europe.  There are more riches and conveniences than in any other period of history.  People feel that anything is possible with hard work and ingenuity.  Science seems to have the answers to all of man’s problems with new inventions changing the face of society almost everyday.  Mankind seems almost invincible with his technology and advancements in science and medicine.  “Is there anything that we cannot do?”  This tranquil and unreal world cannot last; it is about to change.

Out of an arrogance built on false pride and a self-perception of invulnerability, Europe will become engaged in a horrific conflict that will kill thousands each day.  After years of endless strife, authorities are hoping for an end to this living hell on Earth, but what awaits them is not what they had placed their hopes on.  Around the corner is coming a far greater evil, something they could not have ever expected.  It will kill millions and it will not limit itself to the battlefield, it will visit places that were once thought of, as havens of safety, people’s homes.  

Can there be hope for the future, or will it be, something else?   Find out more by reading, “Only Time Will Tell” by August Thurmer.  Follow the link below to my new ebook. 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Counting the Cost

Listening to God's voice.
This morning I was reading out of John 12:42 where there were new Christians that would not publically confess that they believed in Jesus Christ because they feared the those in power in the synagogue.

This was not a case of going to another synagogue when yours does not work out.  People who followed Christ were basically shunned.  They were forced out of the Jewish community.  They could not do business with their own people.  They could neither sell nor buy from their Jewish brothers.  In essence they would be forced to “Tow the Line” or else.  Taking the step of following Christ was more than just attending a service; it meant possible starvation for you and your family.  What commitment they must have had to follow Jesus.  It makes me look at my own faith, could I do the same if put in the same circumstances?

Are Christians being called to that of heading back to the land and nature?  Is God calling his children to raise their own crops and animals?  Is this a sign of things to come?  God holds the future and He knows what is in store for us.  All we need to do is to trust him and follow his leading by praying and listening to his voice.

We learn that in Revelation 13:17 Christians will be put once again in that same position.  They will not be able to buy nor sell without the mark of the beast (Satan’s mark).  What commitment will that take to shun the Beast and follow Jesus, even if that means losing your life and that of your family’s lives.

Is that happening today, yes it is and at a greater rate.  Just look at the Christians in Iraq and what is happening to them.  See what is happening in Iran to the Christians there.  The interesting thing though is that God said that he would never abandon us.  Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

John 10:14 When he brought out all his own, he goes ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Meaning of Sacrifice

Many men at one time or another have asked themselves, “What would I be like when under pressure?”  One has to ask, “Would I run, try to protect only myself, or would I help those who were less fortunate than me?” 

I remember back at basic training in the Army, it was 1970 and Vietnam was still going on.  The people of the U.S. were at the point of wanting this “conflict” to end.  There seemed no clear cut victory in sight and many men were dying each day.  For me at the time, I was in a unit of mostly volunteers.  We were in the military for various reasons, some patriotic; some needed a job, while even some men were there to get U.S. citizenship.  We all wanted to do our part, but none of us were certain what that was anymore.  Our drill instructor had just come back from Vietnam, his 3rd tour of duty there.  He kept telling us that we were all going to “Nam.”  He continually reinforced in our minds that he wanted us to be in the best condition to face what some called, “Your time in Hell.”  If his intention was to scare us, he did his job very well.  We were all ears after his speech.  He said that he wanted basic to be so hard that a tour in Vietnam would seem easy.  This man also wanted us to be able to survive and come home.  Again, he got his point across very well. 

Each day had its trials; many of us were getting sick due to colds, flu and even spinal meningitis.  The damp cold weather of Fort Lewis, Washington in the winter was the main culprit.  It rained and snowed at the same time and no ponchos were allowed until we were soaked through.  We had windows open (due to the spinal meningitis) at night with not enough blankets to keep us warm.  We were housed in what was supposed to be temporary built buildings that were constructed only for the duration of World War Two.  Men started to drop like flies and we were discouraged, sick, and feeling pretty low.  One man tried to end it all by taking an overdose of medications, (twice) while others seemed to be quite and wanted to just get through with what we had to do. 

One day we were supposed to throw live grenades, which made us nervous since we had never handled a grenade before.  The old grenades were made in a pineapple shape, which were easy to grip; these now were smooth and round.  Since it was raining again, slippery hands made each of us nervous since we were sitting behind the ones throwing.  Another situation presented that we needed to face by gritting our teeth and “getting through it.”  The instructor told us to use the trench in the ground ahead of us in case someone would drop a grenade by accident.  “Yeah by accident, that was a real possibility with many of us already sick and one guy at least to point of ending it all.”  That thought alone made me even more nervous since we just heard that a man in another unit nearby, just emptied his rifle clip into his drill sergeant; snapping at a critical point when shooting his weapon.  The other thought at this point was the accident that occurred at the fort where a live machine gun’s mount broke while firing over soldiers crawling under barbed wire.  Some men lost their lives that day.  Would this be another occasion like that, would someone lose their life because a man was too tired or sick, making a fatal mistake with his grenade? 

When demonstrating each step of throwing the grenade that our drill instructor (D.I.) went through, he had our undivided attention.  He tried to assure us that each grenade had the most precise timed fuse.  We had 5 seconds to get it away or die.  When getting into the right position to throw, he demonstrated by pulling the pin, “Throw it dummy, throw it!”  We were all thinking that at the same moment.  Then he said that it would not go off until he let go of the handle.  He then proceeded to let go of the handle and each of us were riveted to the edge of our seats.  He threw his arm back and crouched at the same time.  What happened next was our worst nightmare, his hand slipped and the grenade flew out and landed next to us.  Simultaneously, we all dove towards the trench in front of us.  I was in the second level down of men in the trench, with two levels above me, that is, guys lying as flat as they could be.  With the exception of rifles and backpacks mixed into the layers of flesh, we all had hopes of surviving. 

Instead of hearing a loud explosion, we heard only a bang.  It must have been a dud!  After getting untangled, we noticed our D.I. with his tooth-missing grin leering down at us saying, “This lesson could only have been taught this way!”
Over the years I have thought many times, “Why didn’t I jump on the grenade to protect my fellow soldiers?”  But, my only thought was that of survival at the time.  The only consolation was that each of us had the identical same thought.  Over the years, there have been those that have sacrificed themselves to save their friends in battle, and I have thought growing up that these men were heroes.  There final thoughts were only to save others, even at the cost of their own life. 

This question is asked again in my book, “Only Time Will Tell.”  The big difference is that my main character will be asked to save millions of people, not just a few.  Like men in war, he will have to face his own humanity and weigh his life against that of many others.  If you are interested in reading more, follow the link below.

Monday, August 18, 2014

What if you could have saved a person's life by knowing what was going to happen?

If you were made aware of a man or woman’s future and knew that they would die on a certain date, would you tell them about it?  Do you think they would believe you, and try to change their plans so that they might survive?  Who among us has known someone that has had a tragedy in their lives and we have since thought, “If only I could have warned them of what was going to happen, they might have made different choices and this disaster could have been avoided.”
Now multiply this one person to that of millions and you are asking yourself the same question. 

What if you could see the future?  Would you choose to change it?  If you had the ability to alter major world events that you know have caused the deaths of thousands and even millions of lives, would you?  Two men were faced with these questions that you are now presented with.  The only exception is that they have the ability to travel in time and can change the course of human events. 

These questions are but only a few of the challenges that are in “Only Time Will Tell” by August W. Thurmer

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

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What would happen if the world around you collapsed in one day?  All the things that you depend on are gone.  Every person you know has disappeared, and a world that is strange and frightful emerges before your eyes.  Unusual machines and objects move around you with frightful speed, and all that is familiar is gone.  You are left with only the wits and the sense you were born with.  Or are you? 
You notice that you are in a hospital, and your body does not function as it should.  How long have you been asleep?  Nothing and no one look familiar.  You ask yourself, “Have I been in a coma? Or worse, am I after many years, just now regaining my sanity?”

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Can a pandemic be avoided? Will this devastation cause the downfall of a nation, or perhaps all of Europe? "Only Time Will Tell" by August Thurmer an ebook now for free on Amazon.

A lethal pandemic is about to hit Great Britain and then all of Europe, doctors are scrambling to find its malevolent source.  What those in authority need to ask, “What is causing these deaths at such high rates and can it be stopped?”  These are just some of the questions that need answers now.  The populous is getting out of control and the government needs to reassure its people that they have this deadly illness under control.  If they are not able to regain the people’s trust in their ability to make them feel safe, panic will begin and chaos will destroy a country already in throws of war. 

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