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Friday, May 11, 2012

Having Fun Near Home

Hand carved Troll from Norway watching over her garden.

Anne had time off this past week and so we planned different events for each day.  Today we started out in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  The town is about 30 miles south of Winona on the Mississippi River.  We stayed overnight at a hotel near the river in the  downtown area.  Grandpa, Will and I went to one of our favorite spots, the Antique Store.  I was looking for Good Housekeeping Cookbooks that were published prior to 1950.  Anne wanted to get a cookbook that was less dependent on modern appliances, like microwaves, electric and gas stoves.  I found a chocolate cookbook made by Hersey’s published in 1930.  I also found a canning cookbook for canning different fruits and vegetables.  It was a Good Housekeeping book, but it was published around 1958.  Anne got excited though when she perused through it. 

Anne and children walking in the Peace Garden.
Will went to the antique coin collection section and we looked closely at a Confederate bank note, as well as federal notes and coins issued in the 1880s.  It was fun watching him get so excited.  Will collects old coins and even has a friend of ours from HyVee (Pam) looking for coins for him.  She finds so much enjoyment in doing this.  Pam told me that Will “inspires her” with his excitement in finding old coins.

Before we left LaCrosse, Anne and Abby found a peace garden down by where the Black River and the Mississippi meet.  They had a Japanese, German, Norwegian, and Russian sections of the garden.  Abby and Anne got really excited when walking through the different areas seeing the multitude of flowers and water designs located there.  Personally, I like the little carved trolls in the Norwegian area of the Peace Garden.  Butterflies were in abundance and the weather was in the 70s, so we had a perfect day for walking. 

Suncrest Garden's Farm
We ended today by going out to the farm where we get our vegetables and fruit each week.  Heather Secrist (Suncrest Garden’s Farm) has a wonderful farm that provides a panoramic view of the valley that her farm is located in.  Each week during the summer, on Fridays, Heather has a special event all summer where she makes stone fired pizzas and provides a wide variety of refreshments and entertainment for her customers and friends.  Throughout the summer she offers a wonderful and relaxing evening out on her lawn, where the kids can play on the different outdoor swings, etc. while farmyard animals are looking on in nearby pastures.  We so enjoy our organic fruits and vegetables that Heather provides for us each week.
Early morning visitor yesterday.  Drank rainwater from our
wheel barrow and fed on nearby grass.
So, this was our Friday.  We had a wonderful time together as a family.

God has blessed us with so much.