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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Listening Heart

In Luke 18:35-42 we see Christ walking down the road with his disciples and many people crowding around Jesus as he walked.  On the side of the road, within shouting distance, a blind man sits asking whom it is that makes the crowds gather.  Someone told him that it was Jesus from Nazareth. 

This blind man begins to shout at the top of his lungs for Jesus to come over to him.  The blind man knows that it would be impossible for him to wade through such a crowd without getting hurt, or possibly pushed out of the way.  He then chooses to shout at the top of his lungs with hopes that Jesus would hear him and come over to see him.  Unfortunately, the Bible records that those leading the crowd tried to quite the man instead.  This struck me in that (those leading) thought this man was too unimportant to have Jesus pay any attention to a blind beggar, someone so unimportant in their eyes.  Jesus then heard the commotion and came over to this man.  Jesus then asked him what he wanted and the blind man said he desired to see.  Jesus then responded by telling him, “Receive you sight, your faith has healed you!”  (Verse 42)

Abby's picture.  Through a child's eyes.
Two things stood out here.  1.  Those (leading) were going the wrong direction.  They did not know where to go since they were not listening to Christ.  They thought the direction they were leading Christ was what he would want.  This incident tells me that I need to listen to Jesus more in finding out 'his' will for me this day, rather than what I do so many times, asking Jesus instead to bless (my) plans for the day. 

2.  Jesus said to the blind man, “your faith has healed you!”  It is a mystery to me that (my faith) plays such a part in God’s healing and his leading in my life.  One could compare it to the laws of gravity, just like gravity forces all objects to the Earth's surface, our will cannot be violated as well.   God waits for me to take the step of faith, before carrying out 'his' will in my life.  So then, it appears that my faith is crucial in Jesus carrying out his plan for me this day.

Like that of a healthy marriage, communication is crucial to know the will of your mate.  One then must listen at least as much as speaking, to know what your mate is thinking, and desiring.  Lord teach me to listen to you today so that I may know your will for my life this day.  Please give me ears to hear and a heart humble enough to accept a direction that might not fit into my plans.
My sweetheart, Anne