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Monday, January 13, 2014

New Birth and God's Miracle

These last few months our family has been praying for my wife's sister Gayle Porter who lives in the extreme southern part of Texas in a town called Brownsville.  Gayle is a nurse who has a gentle nature, and some of her patients have called her "The Angel."  She is loved by people at work and those within her church.

Gayle has health issues of her own that she deals with, an auto immune disorder.  Several years ago she gave birth to a wonderful baby boy.  Just before the child was born though, Gayle was rushed to Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota where doctors frantically worked on her in an effort to save the baby and Gayle.  Her blood pressure was out of control and it looked as if she was going to die.  Her eyes hemorrhaged and she became blind shortly after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, Nathaniel Porter.  Not only could she now not see, Gayle could not feed her baby due to the fact that she was on so many medications.  On top of all that, the eye doctor now told her that she would be blind for the rest of her life.

Escaping death by shear hours, Gayle was now facing the fact that she could not see even to the end of her bed.  I cannot imagine what was going through her mind, Gayle now would not be able to see even her own little baby boy.  God though had a plan.

 Many people were praying for Gayle during those moments of trial.  Pastor Dennis Hudson during this time brought Gayle's gentle and soft spoken grandmother Marjorie Dalzell to see her.  Together they prayed for Gayle at the hospital.  A miracle was about to take place.  Within hours Gayle's vision started to improve and in a short time it was completely restored.  The doctor's were amazed and perplexed by what they saw when they examined her.  During these same moments in time, Gayle's dangerously high blood pressure returned to normal as well. (James 5:16  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  

God heard all the prayers given up to him and honored the faithfulness of those that believed in his power.  One such mighty prayer warrior was Marjorie Dalzell.  Marjorie is now in heaven with her pastor husband, Ron Dalzell.  Together they are looking down and seeing their legacy growing in numbers.  Yesterday another blessing was given in the form of a little girl named Elizabeth Anne Porter.  But before this happened, Gayle was airlifted to a larger hospital 2 1/2 hours from Brownsville in Corpus Christi.  Her blood pressure was again out of control and the placenta was deteriorating fast.  Again many prayers went up for Gayle.  Even Pastor Dennis Hudson who he himself in a hospital bed was praying fervently for her and the baby.  A choir in Rochester stopped and prayed for her during this time.  Many people in Gayle's church were also praying for her and Gayle's baby.  God once again heard the prayers of his people.  Gayle's blood pressure immediately dropped when a emergency C section was done, and both her and the baby are now doing fine.  Both Elizabeth and her mommy are improving every hour.  Praise God for his many blessings.

My wife and daughter, Anne and Abby along with Gayle's parents, John and Marji Gustafson, and along with those, Anne's brother Brandon Gustafson are driving non stop to Texas to be with Gayle, her husband Stephen, son Nathaniel and of course baby Elizabeth Anne Porter.  God is so good!