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Friday, June 29, 2012

Something to Crow About

Visitor to our meadow.
The last several days have brought with it the heat and humidity that is usually found only in July and August.  Living here in Minnesota allows one to be spoiled when we have a Canadian summer, as we call it around here.  That is when the temps. are around 70 degrees (F.) and the humidity is in the 30-40% area.  Oh well, one adjusts to the weather since it cannot be the other way around. 

(Jack Frost) Kids have given him this name.  He
visits us at the feeder by our bedroom deck.
It has been nice outside lately, like this morning when awaking. Our temperatures were around 59 degrees, mostly because we live next to the forest.  The woods act like a natural air conditioner allowing cool area to drop down to lower areas where our house is located.  On the other hand, we have to raise crops in our gardens that must acclimate to the cooler temperatures, and less sunlight due to the trees and 600 plus foot bluffs surrounding our homes.  We do not have the sunlight as much as they that live on the prairie above us have, but most people do not complain due to the tradeoff of cooler mornings and evenings in the summer, and shelter from the snowstorms in the winter. 

Along with the trees and wildflowers comes also the added benefit of the wildlife around our home.  Although the occasional skunk makes an appearance, all in all we have pretty nice animal neighbors.  Once in awhile though, we do get an unexpected guest around our house, or should I say, “on” our house.  When we were building our home, I always had the dream of having a skylight window above my bed.  I wanted to be able to see the stars when lying on my pillow at night.  So, consequently I put a skylight over where Anne and I were to have our bed.  Now I get to watch the stars at night and enjoy the pitter-patter sounds of raindrops above my head as well.  This has brought much enjoyment for me when lying in bed either in the evening, or that of waking up, to see the beautiful blue sky above my head, (with no mosquitoes.) 

A fairy visiting our meadow.
This enjoyment of having the luxury of a skylight is special for me since I grew up in a basement bedroom.  There are not always enjoyable aspects of having a skylight though.  In the winter the snow accumulates on the glass overhead, and so enjoying the view is very minimal.  At other times, there is excess condensation that drips from the glass above; consequently I then have my artificial rainstorm right over my face.  Times like this are a strong message to self to turn on the air conditioning.   Although there are drawbacks at times, overall I cannot complain. 

Making a new friend.
A couple of days ago, I heard the tap, tap, tapping on glass.  It confused me since I thought some child had been left on the deck and was locked out, (like a dad I know of who has a diligent little girl who was taught to lock the sliding glass door when going inside, sometimes forgetting that dad is still sitting on the deck enjoying the sunlight.)  One day I got acquainted with my two year old nephew for over an hour.  He lived next door, and who consequently was supposed to be sleeping, but instead, he thought it wonderful to watch his uncle through his glass deck door.  My nephew thought it great that his uncle would want to spend time with him, making faces as well having his uncle waving his arms that made him look so silly.  I digress; anyway I searched for the tapping sounds and found that they were not coming from our deck doors.  I frantically looked at the living room windows and second level windows and found nothing.  When thinking that I would give up, my children were heard laughing from the vicinity of our bedroom.  I went to investigate the reason for all the joyful banter.  I rushed into the room with both Abby and Will looking up at the skylight watching a very large crow walking across the window, tapping his beak on the glass.  It seems that it chose to eat his bug meal at this spot.  He could now eat, and have a show of humans watching him consume his delicacies at the same time.  I believe this crow was enjoying our company as much as we were his.  The strange thing was, that even after his meal was consumed, he still tapped away on the glass.  I imagine his actions brought a curious reaction from these strange humans that amused him.  That said, the scenario was quite funny.  One more reason I am glad that we put in the skylight.