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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Abundant Life

Our encounters with life around us can be routine and unnoticed by even we ourselves. We walk to our car, head to work, walk from the parking lot to our place of work, leave at the end of the day, all without noticing life around us. We get so focused that we are oblivious to what surrounds our world. Our concentration is zeroed in on one or perhaps two things so much so that we miss out on real life. The smile of an elderly gentleman walking by, the laughter of a child when they see the curls of our hair blowing in the wind at the same time the sun glints in the child's eyes making pretty rainbows of light across his glass of water.
Each day goes into the next and we find emptiness in our lives because we fail to see the teaming life in our midst. I believe it was Isaac Asimov, a scientist (turned science fiction author) said that as he became more specialized in his profession as a scientist, the more he was removed from people. He eventually walked away from this world he created and became an explorer, one who sought to know the lives of people and things around him. He then incorporated their lives into his stories and the result was phenomenal.
Take time each day to discover what so many of us are overlooking, that of life around us. It can change how we see the world. Take a moment in the beginning of your day to ask God to help you see his beautiful world. Jesus said in John 10:10
I came that they (you) may have life and have it abundantly.