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Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Son Will Celebrates His 12th Birthday Today

Our church watched the movie, "Heaven Is For Real" this afternoon.  It was hard watching it in the respect that we almost lost our son, Will, 12  years ago today (Will's birthday).  He was in nicu for 5 days and the doctors were not certain he would make it.  Will held on to my little finger all this time and he continually stared into my eyes while under an oxygen hood.  I gave him to the Lord that day when he was born.  It was so hard to do, since I was not knowing whether God would take him to heaven or
allow our son to stay with us.  We lost our first child two years previous, and now I was so in love with my newborn son the very first moment I saw him.  God was so gracious and Will made it through his illness.  So many prayers were going to heaven those first few days of his life.  I have never ceased thanking God for my son since that first day of his life
Will (Right) in Christmas Presentation
twelve years ago.  God is so good!  Happy birthday son, I love you so very much!