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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Disney World

Epcot's Spaceship Earth
Greek animatronic characters.
Today I sit in the living room at Old Key West in Disney World watching a beautiful sunrise coming up over the horizon.  I am now listening to the water in the pond by our deck, and I remember yesterday walking with Abby while she happily greeted a couple of ducks swimming quickly across to the other side of the little pond.  When walking to the rooms that we have at “Old Key West” I noticed some more of nature when observing salamanders climbing up the trees.  They looked like prehistoric animals, but on a much smaller scale.  As I sit here I notice a loud chirping coming from our deck and notice my favorite bird, the cardinal.  She is eating an orange peel that was dropped yesterday from our table.  I recall telling my son not to throw the cut up peels over the railing because it was considered litter.  I could see that he was disappointed, he told me that he wanted to feed the birds.  Now as I look out the window I see little orange peels on the railing, ones that I put there.  It is funny what children can teach us, isn’t it. 

Acting silly in front of the Nemo exhibit.
Today we will go into Epcot to enjoy the rides and mostly the events going on.  Abby and Will though enjoy more of the science exhibits and the world showcase found at Epcot.  I have to say that I do as well.  My favorite is Norway with its displays of the past and the present.  My favorite foods though are found in Germany.  After living in Germany for two years in the Army, I have to say that their culture is very much like that of where I grew up in southwestern Minnesota.  One sees the similarities of having German/Norwegian influences in being raised in our part of the United States by observing the culture here at Epcot. 

Will enjoying a meal at the Land diner.
Perhaps what I notice the most while at Disney is the people.  They come from every state and nation of the world.  This is truly a melting pot of people having fun and enjoying all that Disney has to offer.  For some, it is a lifetime dream to be here, while for others it is an annual event.  Each is having fun exploring all the very interesting exhibits.  All in all, I love watching people and the fun that they are having. 

Abby showing Anne her Minnie cupcake.
When walking down the busy fairways I can’t help but think of what it will be like in heaven.  All these people that I see, many will be there and a whole lot more will be present that are not now in front of me.  It staggers the mind to think of so many people being in heaven, all around me.  I am a person that loves to be around people, but so many, how will we all fit?  Where will privacy come into play?  Will there be forests, streams, and lakes in heaven?  What of the wildlife, will we have them around us?  I now recall an answer once given from a very discerning mother, “I believe God will supply all that you need in heaven to make you happy my child.”