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Sunday, November 25, 2018

God's Balance of Nature

Flowers for me instill the wonder that God puts within each of us. I see the bees gathering nectar to make honey which supports life for the colony to survive, while butterflies drink the nectar for their
nourishment all while promoting God's design for reproduction in spreading pollen from plant to plant.  
When looking at the flower I can see so much of God's plan here on the Earth.  
Each thing that He has created always promotes the life of another while guaranteeing the giver's existence and its future.  

One day though when picking off a wood tick from my arm, I got frustrated and wondered if God made a mistake with such a horrible creature that draws life from others and does nothing to help sustain life outside of its own sphere of selfishness. Shortly after that, I read that ticks are one of the main diets of wild turkeys. Again through this discovery, I was reminded that God has taught me once more about the importance of the balance he has created to promote life.