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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Carried by Other's Faith

Beautiful sunrise.
It is interesting to note that in Matthew 9:1-2 Jesus saw a man being carried by several men on a cot over to him. He looked at the men carrying him and then said to the paralytic, "Take heart son, your sins are forgiven!" But notice, before this, Jesus noticed something very critical. "When Jesus saw THEIR faith. . ." verse two. It appears then that this man was healed not by his own faith, but because of his friend's faith. Sometimes our faith waivers and we need the strength and faith of our friends to see us through a particular crisis in our lives. Were these men praying that Jesus would heal their friend, most certainly. It was evident by the fact that they were putting feet under their prayers by carrying their friend to the man who forgives our sins and heals our wounds.