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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Finding Our Way

In life we encounter many situations that confront us on a daily basis.  Some of those are quite unexpected and take us by surprise.  Our line of thinking is heading one direction and life seems to be going the opposite way.  We, like the cowboy on the bucking horse are surprised when life throws us off in the other direction. 

I know that for myself, I am politely surprised, and sometimes I am angry with God for allowing this to happen.  “I thought you were looking out for me and would never allow such a thing to take place?”  I am reminded by the disciples in the sinking boat in the middle of the storm, (Matthew 4:38 “Master, don’t you care if we drown?”), that I too am human and my ways are not always God’s ways.  Like the disciples, I at times have accused God of not caring. 

In looking at the situation of the disciples, I see that they could have consulted Jesus when they first saw the storm brewing, but they
waited until their options were exhausted and then they not only called on the Jesus, but they accused him of not caring when waking him up.  I have to say that I have done the same.   Trying on my own strength and wisdom only to find that it was not enough, and then blaming God for not caring.  Looking back on these situations, I now see that I should have asked first for our Lord’s wisdom and direction from the beginning.  In this though, at times, it is hard finding the point when to consult and when to use the where-with-all that God has given me.  The old adage, (“God can only steer a moving ship”) does apply, but on the other hand, should I have asked first for God’s leading while at the same time letting God choose the direction I should go?  Obviously there are times to wait, and then there are times for action, but which option do I choose?  Like the runner who first commits the race to God, he still has to get out and try with his best efforts in the race.  So, what do I do?  For me to head in the opposite direction of God can be paralyzing, while on the other hand, sitting and waiting for God to move me, or show me his will before taking any action (being safe) requires no faith at all. 

I am finding though, that it is when I don’t take time to be still and wait on the Lord that leads me into the same situation that the disciples found themselves in. 
By reading God’s word, praying and seeking our Lord’s will first allows God to take the reigns and head me in the direction “He” wants me to go.  (Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”)

So where is the balance?  I am finding out that when I take the time to hear God’s voice, (even in the midst of the storm) I am heading in the right direction.  Is it easy, by no means!  Being patient when the waves are lapping over the side of the boat is hard to say the least.  But, God knows our hearts and he also knows our needs before we do.  By taking time to give our future to him, we are giving over the direction we are to go by putting these decisions into his hands.  By relinquishing our will to that of Lord’s, allows for God to direct our minds and hearts to that of his mind and heart.