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Wednesday, December 5, 2018


I recently read an article sent to me by a relative.  It was about a young high school girl applying for a job.  She was apologetic about her lack of experience in getting into the many careers that are on the market today.  Contrary to her belief, the respondent was very impressed by this young lady’s work experience.  She came from a farm and had done everything from driving a tractor at age 12 to taking care of the animals before and after school.  In short, she knew how to work and how to do it in a timely manner and that impressed the business man. 

If one were to follow successful individuals, that is, those who have successfully accomplished many things in their lives, it would be evident that hard work was the basis for their success.  Nothing worth holding onto can be achieved by having things given to an individual; it is gained by plain hard work and ingenuity.  In some instances, inheriting large businesses and estates are lost not only because of a lack of experience, but also because these individuals didn't have the drive to sustain the gift that was given to them.    

In relating this to our walk as Christians it can be said that our salvation is an undeserved gift, and that is so true.  But, what is done after that is accomplished by a balance of duty, faithfulness, and service toward God in one’s walk with him.  The analogy of a docked boat in the harbor is so apt; it cannot be used for fishing if it is not out on the open water doing what it was made to do, and likewise, we must be willing and able to move when God’s spirit compels us to do what he has made us to accomplish.  Two people in Israel amazed Jesus with their faith, the Centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant, (Luke 7:1-10), and the Greek woman who asked Jesus to deliver her daughter of demons (Matt. 15:22). Neither were Jews and that made their life that much harder living in a foreign land, but they did not give up, they actively pursued their goal of seeking our Lord for his healing hands in the lives of their family members.  Love propelled them forward with an earnest drive to seek God out at all costs.  God does have a purpose for each of us in serving him.  By taking time to pray, studying his word, and to listening to his Spirit, we can know what (His) purpose is for our lives.