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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Matthew 18 The heart of a child, a story about innocence. (Part 1)


Matthew 18 The heart of a child, a story about innocence.  (Part 1)

“Thomas, have you got your clothes ready for tomorrow?”
“Yes mother, I have, they are laying on my bed.”
“Good, then we will be ready for our journey tomorrow so we can leave early.”
“Mother, tell me again why we are leaving so early in the morning.”
“Son, we are going to be with your father who has been following a man throughout the countryside.  He is a Galilean and I am told he is well known throughout the land.  I understand that he will be in Jerusalem tomorrow and so we will meet your father there.  If we leave early, we can see your father before the Galilean enters Jerusalem.”
“Does father know that we are coming?”
“Yes my son, he does.  Jonas our neighbor stopped by yesterday when coming from your father.  Your father asked Jonas if we would bring him some food.  Now run along child and bring me some water, I must have it for supper tonight.”
“Yes mother.  Is it alright that I play with James next door after I have retrieved the water?”
“Yes son, now away with you.”

Great grandma Marji
Thomas’ mother smiles at him as she sees her son retreating into the distance.  A little later, Thomas is heading to the community well when he spots a friend, Mary who is going the same direction, also caring a water jug.

“Mary, may I walk with you, I am heading to the well too?”
“Oh hi Thomas, why certainly, I would love the company.”
“Mary, I know that you are 3 whole years older than me.  Most children who are 11 would not talk to one my age.  I would like to thank you for not ignoring me.  I know that I am only 8 years old, but I am growing up quickly.”
“Oh Thomas, you are such a kind boy, I would not ignore you for anything.  How are your mother and father doing?”
“Mother is faring well, she asked me to fetch water for supper tonight.”

Thomas smiles as he squints into the sun looking up at Mary.

“How then is your father doing?”
“He, he is doing well I guess.”

Cousin Eric
Thomas is looking down now at the ground while Mary is trying to look into his eyes.

“Thomas, are you all right?”
“Yes I am fine.”

Mary puts her finger under Thomas’ chin to lift his head, so she can smile into Thomas’ gaze.

“What is the matter Thomas?”

Mary smiles again and this brings a grin to Thomas’ face.  He quickly looks down again and Mary can see that sadness is in his heart once more.

“I miss my father.  He has been gone now for many days.  I heard mother crying last night and so I tiptoed to the living room and saw her sitting on the floor by the outside doorway.  She was weeping and I felt so helpless to do anything about it, so I went back to my room.”
“Do you suppose she cries because she misses your father?”
“Yes, I am sure of it.  Two days ago mother asked me to be the man of the house until my father comes home.”

Grandma Marji and Abby
Thomas has now a determined look upon his face realizing the responsibility that comes with the position of a man.  He collects himself and resumes walking with Mary.  Then sadness returns to Thomas’ face once again as he thinks of his father.

“Mary, I was feeling a little sad because I missed my father and I told mother about it.  She then said that he would be coming home soon.  Mother said that father and his friends are nearing Jerusalem and that means that we will see him soon.  Mother then touched my cheek and asked if I could be strong like father.  I smiled then and said that I would.  But, I miss my dad so and mother does as well.”

Mary reaches over and gives Thomas a hug.

“Thomas, it will be ok, I am sure your father will be home anytime now.”
“Mary, we are going to see him tomorrow.  Mother and I are going to carry food to him.”
“That is wonderful Thomas, I imagine you are very excited to see your father?”
“Yes, it has been almost a month since mother and I have talked to him. “

Thomas stops and looks up at Mary.

“Mary, thank you for taking time to talk to me.  I was feeling rather sad until now, you have cheered me up.”

Mother and Son
Mary reaches over and puts her hand on Thomas’ shoulder.

“You are my friend Thomas.  It is no trouble at all.  I really like you my friend.  You are kind and always treat me as an equal even though I am a girl.”

Thomas was puzzled over Mary’s last statement and decided to ask his mother about that later.  Now he was determined to enjoy talking to Mary as they continued to the well.

To be continued!

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