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Monday, November 19, 2018

Feeble Attempts at Gardening

My thoughts go back a few of years ago when I was struggling to rid my garden of chipmunks that were eating everything I had planted. I decided to trap them and after exterminating 50 plus chipmunks in our decimated garden, I gave up on having any crop that summer. My vegetables were a total loss and I was very discouraged as one might think.  Anne thought visiting Disney World would cheer us all up.  We were looking forward to the character meal where our children could visit with the different Disney animal celebrities.  Everything was going really well and I was beginning to forget my garden at home.  About that point though when looking down at my salad plate, my countenance dropped as I recalled the beautiful row of lettuce that was recently destroyed by our hungry forest chipmunks.  With all my might I looked up and I decided I was not going to ruin this vacation by thinking anymore of my garden.  I looked up and smiled at Anne, and then proceeded to watch everyone having fun; I soon forgot my garden malaise back home and with a determination of monumental proportions, I put my whole heart into enjoying the moment. 
I could see many Disney animal characters visiting with the families around us.  I then looked over at  our children who were presently visiting with Chip and Dale.  I quickly took another bite of the salad and then looked over just in time to see Chip and Dale jump backwards while speaking to our children.  Chip hit the railing so hard that I thought he was going to tip over the guard rail and drop 20 feet below.  He quickly recovered his balance as well as his composure.  Both chipmunks then tentatively patted our children on their backs and then systematically starred at me as they passed by our table.  As my son returned to his chair, I looked at his childlike composure of happiness as Will looked eagerly at his desert in front of him.  I then bent over and asked my son in a whisper as he was seated next to me, "What did you say to Chip?"  Will, matter of factly looked over at me and said, " All I told him was that, 'My daddy kills chipmunks!'"  At that point I almost choked on my salad.  Perhaps there was some unforeseen chipmunk karma taking place as I found myself gasping for air.  Needless to say, I imagine Chip and Dale are still telling other potential chipmunk characters of that meeting with a little boy from Minnesota. Now, a few years later, I still feel a little uneasy when seeing Chip and Dale pass by when walking through Disney World.  Perhaps they do too!