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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Empty Swing

You look one day and see that there is no child on the swing anymore. One wonders where the time has gone and you realize that they are not with you now. You remember their presence as if it were yesterday. Every word they expressed in surprise, disappointment, joy and love, these are now just echoes in your mind. You find yourself walking down the toy aisle and see familiar toys that they played with and wonder, "Where did the time go?"
Your heart aches for them, all the while their laughter and tears are just distant memories.

One thinks of the time when you wondered if you would ever get through this stage into a more calm place and you see that it too has passed, and now you wish for that time again. Now you see a man and/or woman standing where a child once stood, and you wonder, "Where did the time go?"
Now you reach down and pick up your grandchild and you think to yourself, "I have been given a second chance for these precious times to be lived again!" Thank you Lord for memories!