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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Haven of Rest

Pear blossoms waiting for their friends, the honey bees.

These last several days we have been having an over abundance of snow here in Minnesota.  It seems that when we get scooped out, another snowstorm hits and we start all over again.  I guess it is the price one pays for living in the North Country.

Soon with the advent of springtime coming our way, the snow we now see will melt and spring will be beckoning us to be apart of the new beginnings found in nature around us.  We eagerly await the first signs of the returning blue birds, gold finches, gross beaks, blue buntings and of course the colorful hummingbirds.  Our bird feeders get rather busy in April and May with so many families wanting the needed nourishment found in the food we place before them. 
Visiting the Honeysuckle

Are these ramblings considered trivial in light of what is going in the world today, perhaps, perhaps they are not.  We need to take our heavy hearts to the Lord in prayer, and ask him to guide us in all things, especially those life altering events that demand our immediate attention.   But, we need also to take time to rest by finding a place of calm for our souls. 
Queen Anne's Lace

When Jesus was tired and desired a place of peace, when he felt pressed in and overwhelmed by the needs before him, he would retreat to a garden or some mountain to collect him self and find calm in these surroundings.  In these serene settings, he understood that being alone was what he needed most at that time.   Jesus loved nature, in so much as he even used the analogy of the sparrow in that God is always near by, noticing us and caring for each of his children.  If his attention is focused on this lowly brown songbird, how much more are we in his view?  

Since Jesus is the author of all life, I am sure that he did take time to listen to the sounds of nature around him.  For he, along with God, created this world as well.  All creatures of our lord were created for us as is written in Genesis 2:15.  God told Adam that he was to care for the garden and all that was in it, this included the animals that God had Adam name.  Do you suppose that God’s plan was that they would bring us as much joy as they did for Jesus? 

Take time to walk through a park or woods this week and enjoy nature and still your soul before God.  When your heart is at peace, ask God to speak to you and he will.   In John 10:27 Jesus declares, “My sheep ‘listen’ to my voice.”  He waits to speak to us in his very gentle soft voice.  

Walk in peace!  Augie