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Friday, November 16, 2018

Acts of Small Kindness

Noble deeds do not begin at the point of great sacrifice, they start with the small hidden actions of helping others which many consider insignificant, but not to the one's who initiates them. Thurmer

A memory: Being Abby's dad I was quite moved by her actions one night a few years ago. Our family had planned for this event many months in advance and everyone was so happy at the festive atmosphere of the Princess Dinner at Disney World.  In the midst of this long awaited celebration, Abby glanced over at me and asked quietly why I looked so sad.  I told Abby what I saw at a nearby table and said that is what made me sad.  I noticed that this little girl has no princess dress like all the other girls and was without her mother, even though her father was doing everything he could to make this night very special for his little girl."  No sooner had the words left my mouth when I saw Abby get up from her chair at our table, having disregarded the Disney Princess' wandering from table to table, and sat down with this little girl. Both of them sat on the floor and talked for the longest time. I could not hear their conversation, but I did hear the little girl say to Abby at there parting, "You truly are a princess!"  Her father looked over at me and said very kindly in a very quiet voice, "Thank you!"  He was almost in tears and I found myself moved in the same way.