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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Surprise Encounter

One excited little girl!

One day our family was walking to the “American Experience” at Disney when an unscheduled appearance of Cinderella came about.  I saw Cinderella at a distance near the canal bridge and there was a very small group formed by her.  I signaled Anne and she seemed to read my mind and nodded.  Next when walking with Abby I signaled her to look to our right, she peered over the distance and failed to see what I was trying to point out to her.  I knelt down and lined my finger up with her eyes and then she saw what I was trying to reveal to her.  I looked at Abby’s face and it lit up like a Christmas tree.  We walked at a fast pace toward Cinderella and came to a stop by her photographer.  I could not see a visible line forming yet and so I waited by her photographer.  Anne then tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that the line formed to the right.  She started to take Abby away to go around our small group when the photographer asked Abby if she wanted to meet Cinderella.  Abby brightly beamed an excited recognition.  Shyly Abby advanced and started her extensive conversation with Cinderella.  I could only here bits and pieces of their conversation until Cinderella backed away and said in a voice that projected to us the parents and audience, “My you have wonderful manors, you should teach them to my step sisters sometime!”  Later in their conversation Abby told Cinderella that she loved her beautiful dress.  Cinderella stood up and said, “You have such beautiful clothes as well.  Perhaps you could come to my house and we could switch dresses sometimes!”  Abby eagerly nodded her head.  They both exchanged pleasantries for a little while and then we headed on our way.  I looked down and saw my little girl; she was smiling like a brightly lit Christmas tree.  She will remember this surprise encounter for a lifetime to come, and perhaps this moment will be passed on to Abby’s daughter(s) as well.
Abby complimenting Cinderella on her dress.