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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toothaches and Trusting God

Will is a gentle soul that cares about others when they are hurting.
Last night before going to bed I found myself very tired and ready to hit the hay, just after getting our children in their beds.  I needed to do a number of household chores first though.  Anne is gone all week grading College Advance Placement exams in Kentucky, so I am alone with the kids holding the fort down.  

Towards the end of the evening, our son Will came up to me and mentioned that he had an aching tooth.  (His filling had fallen out a few days before and we are now waiting for his scheduled appointment to get a filling put back in.)  I was very tired and it was late, but I felt so bad for him in his pain.  He had a headache earlier so I gave him ibuprofen and now the acetaminophen was my only option for his toothache.  So, I tried that with some Orajel, and he went back to bed.  A few minutes later, he came back up and said that he was still in great pain.  His tooth was again aching and I could see that he was on the verge of tears (which is unusual for him).   I told him that I had done everything I could think of, and then a thought came to my mind.  I hadn’t prayed with him.  We both then prayed and asked God to relieve him of his pain.  After praying, he went back to bed again, and about 15 minutes later he came back to me and said the pain was much worse.  I thought to myself at that point, “Why Lord did you not heal my son?  He is in such pain.  Was it that I did not have enough faith?  Why Lord?” 

Will enjoying life.
I looked at Will and told him that I didn't  know what else I could do.  I thought maybe I could perhaps find some Orajel that was bought more recently, and that perhaps would work better.  I then looked below the sink, desperate to find a solution to his pain.  While searching, I noticed that my overnight bag for toilet supplies was all wet sitting there under the sink.  After looking up under the sink, I could see that water was dripping from the faucet above.  It was coming at a steady stream.  First I thought, “Great, not this too!”  On top of the leaky sink, I did not find the Orajel, and I was feeling pretty low and desperate.  “Now I have another thing to fix.”  I was not being empathetic to my son’s pain at this point as I should have been.  I looked over at Will and I apologized for my selfishness.  Being Will, he causally said in his soft voice, “That’s ok daddy, I am sorry that you have to fix the sink! I will help you with this.”  This made me think, “How did I get such a wonderful son?  I am surely not deserving of such a boy who is so thoughtful in the midst of so much pain.  At that moment, I was learning from my child about selflessness.  I smiled at him, and then it dawned on me, if it hadn’t been for his continued pain after praying, I would never have noticed the leak under the sink, and that could have cost us a lot in damages to repair.  (Our neighbor just had eight thousand dollars worth of damages in having both a new dishwasher and new refrigerator water dispenser leak while they were on vacation. 

Will and Abby making the most out of a hot day.
After further thought, I came to see that God was allowing the toothache to worsen, even after our prayer, in order for me to find this leak under the sink.  I then started to fix the damaged faucet when Will looked up at me and said, “Daddy, my pain is gone now!”  He had a smile on his face and I could see God’s hand in all that had just transpired.  God wanted me to find the damaged faucet, and by allowing Will’s pain to increase, I then could find the leak under our sink when looking for the Orajel.  He was also teaching me about trust issues with him, and that of letting go, and showing me that sometimes I need to let him take control of the situation.  God is so good and I am very glad that he is so patient with me. 
"I know that it is hot, but do we want to go into an ice cold trout stream?"