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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stealing Time


Today I look out my windows and see that winter is not through with us yet.  The ground is blanketed with several inches of new snow while just three days ago, only a remnant of the white stuff was seen on the ground.  In spite of the snow, the kids and I had a wonderful time hiking in the woods yesterday as well as sliding down the hills.  Like all things in life, there is the unexpected though.  When we got to one of the furthest parts of the forest, Abby announced that she had to use the bathroom.  Up until that point we were looking for snow fairies and leprechauns.  It is surprising how our surroundings changed in that one point of time.  Relaxing in the beauty of the moment, observing the snow on the trees that made them look so beautiful, I forgot about the cares of life.  In one instance, the needs of the moment were again present and we had to leave our wonderland behind and take care of the present challenges set before us. 

Crow enjoying the sumac seeds.
In looking back at that short event; that is traveling into the woods, I found myself reinvigerated and renewed with vitality.  Only moments before I was wrapped up in the concerns of the day and felt overwhelmed with them.  So many times it is Anne who is more in tune with my moods than I am.  I believe that it is a male thing for the man to not be in touch with his feelings on occasions.  In retrospect, I  remember reading about the cave analogy where a man must retreat into his cave for a time to get in touch with his feelings.  On the other hand, for Anne, talking out issues is foremost in sorting out the challenges that she faces.  When we have mutual obstacles that confront us both, Anne and I find that we have to discover a balance in sorting out how to work through these challenges together.
For me, I first have to find my cave as I did yesterday, and that was done by going into the woods and taking time to enjoy God’s beautiful forest, as well as watching all the birds singing and animals running about.  Not only was getting away from my challenge important, but also seeing my children having so much fun climbing trees and knocking fresh snow off of the branches, and then watching it fall on to our shoulders, it was so much fun. 

In looking back, I gave my concerns a vacation for a short time and enjoyed the moment.  Initially I did not want to trek into the woods, I wanted to sort out my concerns by staying in the house and lining up possible attack approaches to my problems facing me that day.  I had to go against my nature and walk away from what was bothering me, and then, I later found that my answers would come when my mind was ready meet them again.  Later when Anne got home from teaching, she and I discussed what was on my mind and I found that I was ready at that time to work out a course of action together.  Her insight was very helpful as always and we had fun in the process of growing closer by sharing our hearts with one another. 

Give yourself permission today to take time away from your cares, enjoy this moment when God presents it to you and your day will be seen through new eyes.   Augie