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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Evil Comes! Will hope be found?

Opulence and wealth surround the people of England and most of Europe.  There are more riches and conveniences than in any other period of history.  People feel that anything is possible with hard work and ingenuity.  Science seems to have the answers to all of man’s problems with new inventions changing the face of society almost everyday.  Mankind seems almost invincible with his technology and advancements in science and medicine.  “Is there anything that we cannot do?”  This tranquil and unreal world cannot last; it is about to change.

Out of an arrogance built on false pride and a self-perception of invulnerability, Europe will become engaged in a horrific conflict that will kill thousands each day.  After years of endless strife, authorities are hoping for an end to this living hell on Earth, but what awaits them is not what they had placed their hopes on.  Around the corner is coming a far greater evil, something they could not have ever expected.  It will kill millions and it will not limit itself to the battlefield, it will visit places that were once thought of, as havens of safety, people’s homes.  

Can there be hope for the future, or will it be, something else?   Find out more by reading, “Only Time Will Tell” by August Thurmer.  Follow the link below to my new ebook.