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Friday, September 21, 2012

Starting Our Day

He helps us to see what is hidden.
Autumn is upon once again.  Early in the mornings this summer I have gone out on the golf course between 6 and 6:30 a.m.  Now that our days are getting shorter, it is dark when playing my first two holes.  I find that I need to concentrate that much harder before hitting my ball, that is, to insure that I will find it.  About 75% of the time I am able to locate it.  It is much like looking for Easter eggs when walking on a dark fairway.  It is interesting that when I use a throw away ball, I am able to hit the golf ball more into the location that I want, versus that is when I use a good ball.  I realized that when using the old ball I am more relaxed and I am able to concentrate on my form more and less on worrying about losing the ball. 
God helps us to find hidden treasures by giving
 us new eyes to see what so many have passed by.

This method seems to apply to so many things in life.  When we are  relaxed and less stressed, we do better and are able to get our work done in less time.  Stress does take a toll on our lives in more ways than one realizes.  It affects our relationships, our places of work, even our body, as well as our own attitude that we have during the day.  I have personally found that when I start my day with prayer and praise to God, that my mind is in the right frame to begin the tasks set before me. 

Our relationship with God is a part of our makeup in how we as his children relate to the world that he has made for us.  When beginning the day in worship and praise, we can come to realize that we are in harmony with the world around us, and with our Lord.  We were created to worship the one who created us; it is a part of our makeup in how God formed us as his children. (Psalms 150:6 / Isaiah 43:7 / Matt. 21:16)  I encourage you to start your day with praise and prayer.  I am positive that your day will not be the same after that.  

Anne, Abby and Will, my treasures.