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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preparing for the Change of Seasons

Since the hummingbird cannot get to the feeder due to the bees, it finds food in Anne's flowers.
Today our family awoke to bright fog encircling our home and the surrounding area.  We now notice that the temperatures are cooling in the mornings and early evenings, another transition to fall. 

Winona in three weeks.
In driving around the area last night, we saw the first signs of fall by noticing the poplar, cottonwood and maple trees, all beginning to turn. 
The birds now are starting to group up, which is another sign of the changing of the seasons.  Out on the golf course, early in the morning I see that the geese are starting to gather in larger groups as well.  They seem to be saying to one another with all their chatter, “fall is here, fall is here, we must get ready, we must get ready!” 

Now with fewer flowers in the area, the hummingbirds are frequenting our two feeders more, and they find themselves competing with the honeybees for the sugar water that we set aside for them.  The bees on the other hand, are claiming the feeders by buzzing after the hummingbirds in a race for what they think is a limited amount of sugar. 

Pears ready to harvest.
Looking up from our porch I see that we now have apples and pears dropping from the trees, and that in it self signals that today is canning and freezing day for them.  The deer are very much like the bees and hummingbirds, all three are eating the dropped pears and apples, and soon they will be pulling them down from our nearby trees.  The crows in our woods are also more active in their search for food lately.  Their young are grown and are now learning to be a part of their larger group (Storytelling of Crows)  In looking up in the sky above me, I see that they are competing with our neighbors, the Red Tailed Hawks for carrion.  Glancing down to the shrubs nearby I notice also the chickadees are chattering more than usual.  They also seemed to be saying that, “We must get the remaining bugs off the trees, winter is coming, winter is coming!” 
In looking down in the grass I see Toby our cat, she sits looking for her friend the chipmunk.  (Chippy) as we call it, has not been around the last several days.  Toby seems to sense me looking at her and she looks up at me, somehow I sense that she too is wondering where her friend is.  I tell her that chippy must be gathering nuts for the long winter ahead and doesn’t have time right now to visit.  She then turns away after my explanation and I can see that she longs for something to chase. 

Competing for food.
Lately we have had a visiting calico cat by our porch and woodpile.  Yesterday Abby looked out the window and could see it perched there looking for mice.  The visitor looked up at us and meowed several times and it seemed to be saying, “Perhaps you might have a morsel of food for a cute kitty like myself?”  We melt and the next thing we know we are laying out food for the stray and it is gone within the hour.  We did this the other day while Toby our cat was outside, and she quickly and cautiously went over to the visiting cats food and devoured it.  Toby seemed to be saying, “This is my food, and so I will eat it, not that interloper!” 

This is another day at the Thurmer house and we love being around nature and all of its splendor and mystery.  Our children are learning to live with nature and in harmony with its diversity.  We feel blessed by God to be able to live alongside his wonderful creation.