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Monday, June 13, 2011


Visitor to our meadow this morning.  Swallowtail Butterfly

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Will's  birdhouse has a new renter.
This morning Anne and I were sitting on the porch enjoying the beauty of the morning, listening to our neighbors, (the birds) they were singing their morning chorus.  As we sat I listened to the crickets chirping away, (my favorite summer sound) as well as listening to the wind swaying the trees back and forth.  As I looked up at the majestic cottonwood tree that loomed over us, I watched a crow talking to another crow not to far away.  My thoughts went back two mornings ago when Abby announced to me that a crow in the same tree that we were looking at, was pregnant and was going to have babies.  I looked over at her and smiled and said, “Is that so!”   I then left my thoughts and presently watched the fluttering of the leaves of the cottonwood as the wind gently caressed it.  Watching the tree sway back and forth reminded me of being a little boy out at my grandma Anna’s farm.  I would walk out into the grove of trees and watch the giant cottonwoods sway back and forth in the wind.  That gentle memory has always been with me. 

New mother staying close to her baby.
Just like the mighty trees that sway with the wind, I am reminded that we too must go the direction that life is taking us.  Even though the mighty oak does not bend as does other trees, it usually is one of the first to suffer in high winds because of its stiffness.  I see that within myself at times, I too am unyielding to change when wanting things to remain as they are, but it is the way of things, to change.  God desires us to be willing to make the necessary transformations when the spirit moves in our lives.  If we do not, like God’s pillar of fire in the wilderness, his children had to make a choice, move with God or be left behind. 

Anne's Clematis by our porch.

Sometimes choices are difficult to make at times; 
especially when we have been doing something the same way for so many years.  God does give us the strength to make the changes when needed, if we ask him for this strength.  Sometimes the changes are necessary, not only for our benefit, but also for those around us. 

God bless you on the changes in your life today.  Augie

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