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Thursday, January 26, 2017

God's Unseen Hands

Yesterday Abby was disappointed that her Irish dance class was canceled due to bad weather.  I tried to comfort her as we were leaving the dance classroom, but I could tell that she was very disappointed.  As we drove down the 4 lane highway to pick up Anne at work, I noticed a man lying in the median, he was convulsing in the snow. 
Several people began standing around him seemly not sure what to do.  I pulled into the turn lane instinctively to help.  I then realized that traffic would want to use the left turn lane by the stop lights that I was in, so I told the kids that I would head over to the grocery store parking lot first before helping him.  They said in unison, "Don't dad, please help the man, we will be all right!"  I asked them if they were sure, and they both urgently said, " Please help him now, we will be all right." I got out and along with another man helped him into our car. 
By then an off duty emergency supervisor pulled up behind our car, the police blocked off the lane opposing us and we were soon surrounded by other emergency vehicles and EMTs.  Later, the gentleman was being helped into the ambulance when he asked for help to come over to me, I was in the opposite direction as the ambulance. "Thank you for helping me!"  I could only respond by saying, "God bless you!"  Later when talking to my children, I found out that Will had been telling the injured man in our car that he too has had seizures, he was attempting to calm him and make him feel safe.  Later, Abby looked at me when driving away and said, "Daddy I now know why my class was cancelled, God knew that we needed to help this man!"  I
had a very difficult time holding back the tears at that moment.  "You are right Abby, God knew this all along."  I am so blessed to have such a kind son and daughter. 

As we drove down the road I began telling them that they are putting jewels in their crowns in heaven by their kind acts here on earth.  They both told me that they didn’t need any riches, they were happy without any jewels.  I then shared what Jesus said in Mathew 25:

 . . . ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ 

There was silence for sometime in the car.  I knew that they were thinking about what had just taken place and how God looks down on our kindness to others.  For myself, I have been blessed beyond measure with my kind children and how they are teaching me about God's love.