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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Taking, or Not Taking Life for Granted.

When the health professionall told me a couple of years ago that I had spots on my lung, liver and kidneys I was in shock. I asked him to lay it on the line, so he told me that it did not look good. He said that I needed to see my personal doctor soon to get a second opinion.
Those several days of waiting helped me to consider all that was taking place and where I might go from there. I sat and I prayed and asked God for grace, and healing (if that is what he would allow) or for me to have the peace with another path that he would choose for me.
As I sat looking out at the woods I realized how precious each breath was and how I had taken so much for granted before. I also saw how delicate the balance of life was in this world. During this time, my family
prayed for me as well as my 90 year old friend who was a
Christian and an ex-businessman here in Winona. He had
lost a son some years before who also was a teacher. His son Mark was working on his doctorate in school admin. when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had a wonderful wife and two children. It was hard for my friend watching his son slowly wilt away, but he told me that he was sustained by God's grace and I would be as well. At that time, he gave me encouraging scripture versus and said that he knew that God
only had the very best in mind for me and my family, and that God's ways though hard to understand at times, were always for the best when we give to him our lives and our futures. In the end, I was ready for the worst news, but what happened next puzzled the doctor as well as myself. My second set of x-rays were completely absent of any growths, and for that matter, there were no scares where the growths had appeared in the previous X-rays.
I have to remind myself of those days that I waited for what I thought would be bad news. It made me so observant of life, family and having the right priorities in life. God was gracious in sparing my life and I am so thankful for that. God's purpose for me has not ended yet, and I need to seek his will each day of my life. Each and every precious day.