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Saturday, February 20, 2016


As we get older we see just how fragile life can be. Friends, family and people that we know are perhaps slowly passing away. 
One day when visiting my hometown of Jackson, Mn., I was walking through our cemetery with my brother, when I looked out at the tombstones and said reflectively, "I know more people out here than downtown!" We both smiled and I thought how truthful that statement was. Life travels on, but how will we be remembered by others? As I looked down at the tombstones, I saw so many stories untold. I realized perhaps no one knows anything about their lives. What will be our legacy to those that survive us? Will we be remembered or forgotten?  
As I thought further, I came to understand that it is our love for others that survives even though our names might be forgotten. Thinking further, I realized that when we teach others to love one another, that is what counts, even more than our names or our personal history. Love means giving without desiring to gain anything. What better example can we have than our Savior Jesus Christ who loved us so much that he gave his life so that we could live forever, with him.