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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We Must Become as Little Children

Yesterday I was busy teaching Will how to scoop our driveway.  He wanted me to stay out there for a while in order to help him learn how to do the job correctly.  I was happy to see him want to do the job to the best of his abilities.  I came inside later only to notice that Abby was gone so I asked Anne where she might be. 

“Abby is outside scooping!”  I said that I didn’t see her, so I went outside and spotted her down the road scooping out our neighbor’s driveway.  I was a little concerned for Will at the time; he wanted to scoop driveways in the neighborhood to raise money for himself.  So my first reaction was one of concern since Abby might be perceived by Will as taking away his potential business. 

Talking to Anne about my concerns, she told me that Abby wanted to help our neighbors out for free.  Anne said that Abby told one elderly neighbor when asked what she wanted for shoveling his driveway, Abby responded by saying, “That’s ok, my daddy has been doing this in the past winters, helping others out with their driveways and I just wanted to do the same." Needless to say, I was humbled and very proud of our little 9-year-old girl.  And so,
her daddy went out and helped his little girl finish the driveways.