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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cracks and Chips

Once new, but now it is broken.  Today this ancient structure is venerated for what was accomplished with in its walls.
I was watching a video this morning of two piano and cello musicians playing somewhere in what looked like ancient Israel.  The music was “O Come Emanuel”.  As I looked upon the ancient steps I could see cracks and broken off pieces on tread and riser leading to the open area where the musicians were playing.  In my mind I was thinking that a stonemason could perhaps reverse the steps and put the broken portion of each step on the inside by flipping each them 180 degrees.  Then the steps would appear new, but still have the ancient look of the stone steps. 

Finding a treasure amongst the leaves.
I then looked at the ancient buildings surrounding the area where the musicians were playing; each building had defects that occurred over the centuries of use.  None of them were ever repaired, I wondered why?  Perhaps the people saw no need to repair them due to lack of interest or desire.  Or, maybe they were used to the brokenness of the building and steps, and got used to living in disrepair, I just couldn’t figure it out.  Then it struck me; perhaps they enjoyed the structures as they were.  Maybe each broken stone represented a piece of history for them and for their people.  Perhaps the chips and cracks represented their ancestors and themselves, full of defects that held a semblance of their humanity?

An old flour mill gently brought back to life.
In looking further at the broken stones, I can see my own humanity in them.  This led me to look further into myself.  I too have faults and brokenness with who I am, and what I have made of myself.  As I too am getting older and upon further introspection, I am learning to embrace my humanity with all its faults and chips.  I say ‘I am learning’ because I believe that it is an ongoing process of change, that is, in things that are in my power to change, and the acceptance of things that cannot be changed.  In viewing these old structures, I can now see a certain beauty found in their brokenness, and perhaps now a little more acceptance in my own humanity as well.

In looking at all this, I see that God is slowly changing me, to the point that I allow for this change to take place.  With all of my chips and cracks, he is showing me how to love myself, much like the people who are graced with these beautiful ancient buildings.