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Monday, August 14, 2017

God Hears Our Prayers

I was feeling a little down the other day. I cannot explain to you why, but I knew after what happened next that I realized God was hearing my prayers.
Whenever in the past when feeling down, I have thought of the time when I was out hunting southwest of Jackson, Mn. (my hometown). I was waiting for my brother to arrive when I found myself sitting by a snow covered stream near the Little Sioux River. The brook was entering the frozen river, but at the entrance there was a hole in the ice that bubbled water through to the surface. I listened to the water and I looked at the snow covered surroundings that seemed so surreal with its beauty. As I was taking in all that was happening, a mink came out of the water and walked around the opening, all the while playing around on the snow covered ice. As I watched this event taking place, I found myself in a very special place feeling very close to God at that point in time. The peace I had at that moment was greater than I had experienced ever before. For many years now I have often gone back to that time in my mind to find the peace that I had in those few precious moments. 

This morning I found myself helpless to control present
circumstances and I was wondering if God was hearing my words and my pleading heart. It was just then, a baby mink appeared on our sidewalk. It sat upright in front of Anne and myself and it seemed to be looking right into my eyes. I knew in my heart that God was speaking to me through this little animal and letting me know that all would be well. I then shared with Anne about what happened to me so many years before with a mink, and we both struggled to hold back our tears. God is so good and he is not far away. He hears our prayers and he cares for us so very much.