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Monday, August 18, 2014

What if you could have saved a person's life by knowing what was going to happen?

If you were made aware of a man or woman’s future and knew that they would die on a certain date, would you tell them about it?  Do you think they would believe you, and try to change their plans so that they might survive?  Who among us has known someone that has had a tragedy in their lives and we have since thought, “If only I could have warned them of what was going to happen, they might have made different choices and this disaster could have been avoided.”
Now multiply this one person to that of millions and you are asking yourself the same question. 

What if you could see the future?  Would you choose to change it?  If you had the ability to alter major world events that you know have caused the deaths of thousands and even millions of lives, would you?  Two men were faced with these questions that you are now presented with.  The only exception is that they have the ability to travel in time and can change the course of human events. 

These questions are but only a few of the challenges that are in “Only Time Will Tell” by August W. Thurmer

Follow the link below to "Only Time Will Tell"