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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Child's Faith

Grandma Marji and Abby with Mommy in the background.

Positive outlook is seeing the good even when disaster or difficulty make a visit to your doorstep. 

A couple of days ago Anne and Will were having a discussion about the flu virus Will contracted.  Anne was telling Will that she was so sorry that he was so sick.  Will responded by saying, “Don’t worry Mommy, I have got to watch programs on the computer with Daddy and everyone is bringing me drinks and pretty much whatever I have want.  I am doing great!”  Will chose to see the rainbow through the storm, unlike many of us, we see the clouds and rain instead.  God amazes me how he teaches me through such unexpected sources.  Here we have an 8 year old with the shakes, running nose, alternating fever and just down right tired, telling his mommy that he is ok and doing fine.  That amazes me how he can have such a bright outlook.
"I am the true vine, in me you will never thirst!" Jesus

Yesterday Abby was watching the cartoon (Curious George) with Will in our bedroom.  Since Will was sick, we let him eat supper in our bed, and so he could relax and sleep if he so desired.  Grandma and Grandpa were joining us for supper at that time.  While serving the plates and silverware on the table, I overheard Grandma whisper to Grandpa, “Do you hear them praying in the next room?”  I glanced over my shoulder while heading back to the kitchen and I could see both were smiling.  I then stopped and noticed that Will and Abby had put the computer on hold to say a prayer before eating.  They both were being a blessing to their grandparents without their knowledge. 

Will and Grandpa John
Both children have developed such a trust in Jesus that it makes me step back at times and ponder their faith.  God has been teaching me about their simple faith, and I am in awe at how they approach Jesus in prayer.  It is like breathing to them; they don’t think in depth about any lofty prayers, they just say what is on their minds at the time.  I am learning from my children in so many ways, and in prayer, Jesus is choosing to teach me through a child’s heart.