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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The End of the World

Today I was reading about a group of people called the “Preppers” who are getting ready for the end of the world when it collapses.  They go to training missions on weekends that teach them how to prepare for survival.  Notice I did not say, if the world collapses, but when the world collapses.  They believe that the end of the world is right around the corner, that is, when our economies fall apart.  They also believe that by being survivalists, they will be the only ones prepared to live in a world that does not provide for them.  They stock food in spare bedrooms, and I imagine go through the whole gammit of defending their possesions, to that of hiding their valued items from the public eye.  Is this prudent to do so in today’s political and social climate?  Well, it seems that the signs of the times are pointing to many economies on the brink of failure.  The Euro is anything but stable today, while the dollar is not much better off.  The Chinese economy is showing signs of weakness, while the other major economies such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Greece are on the verge of total economic collapse. 

So where does this lead us in being prudent in preparing for a possible world breakdown?  Do we hoard our food, belongings, and money, or do we seek other avenues?  In the end times, will it be necessary to protect our belongings with force?  Will it come to the point of shootouts in seeking to guard our families and belongings?  Some believe that is what it will take in order to safe guard all that we have.  One possible scenario shows grocery markets stripped empty and no food is to be found.  Something to ponder, think of what grocery stores are like when an approaching storm is about to arrive. People rush into the stores and stock up.  Will there be individuals who are willing to take people's possesions by force, that is if they get hungry enough when stores offer no more food?  Will violence then be what is left for mankind in preserving ourselves?  The Bible talks about what we as Christians are to do during these times.  It also refers to a non-violent path in which we as believers are to follow.

In times of hardship, cultures try to safeguard themselves from the worst pitfalls, but eventually sacrifices are made, starting with the lowest economic strata of society.  This is where the earliest signs of economic devastations occur.  People who are working in factories or low level positions will suffer the most when companies cut back, that is when the number of laborers that have the least amount of education and are the most expendible are let go.   Violence is first evident at this level of society because they are facing the greatest economic hardships first.  When society shows no signs of getting better, companies will start laying off middle level workers as well.  Eventually when there is no one to buy the product that the company is producing, the whole company then goes under.  Now multiply this on a national scale, mass unemployment then results with devastating effects throughout the economy.  Violence is rampant, tempers are flaring and people get desperate in providing for their families and themselves.  Today we are seeing this in the Middle East.  Many of these people are just holding on even when the economy is experiencing normal growth. But when a country's economy begins to faulter, as it is doing in the Middle East, the poor are then faced with eminent starvation.  The end result is that of violence, rebellion and revolution.

Today we live in a global economy that is dependent on each other.  If you do not believe that, just look at the bottom of the products that you purchase from your stores today.  We cannot survive without other countries producing the goods that we need and want.  What will happen when almost every country collapses at the same time?  Can we then survive on our own?  What will happen to us as a people when this occurs?  What will we sacrifice in providing for our families, our homes and that of having a full stomach?

What does the Bible say about these occurences?  Will they happen?  How will people react if this does occur?  Are we to prepare for these times, and if so, how?  I will continue this in my next post.