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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jesus Is My Rock

I discovered something for myself this morning while I was reading out of Matthew 7:24-27 where Jesus speaks about building your faith on the rock foundation rather than one built on sand. Always when I read this before I concentrated on the importance of building my faith on the principal of having Christ as my rock. It hadn't entered my mind though that Christ was also saying that we will go through storms in our walk with him. I know that, at times, I want to believe that when things are going good, I have God's blessings, and when hardship comes, it seems natural for me to immediately think, "What did I do wrong?" Jesus did not abandon us as our hearts might want us to believe because of the circumstances. Jesus is saying here in Matthew that storms will be a part of our walk with him.
What Jesus does tell us though is that he will be our stability when these storms come, and he is not finger pointing as Satan wants us to believe. As long as Satan is in this world, we will have difficulties, heartaches and tears, but during these moments when the storms hit, we need to run into the arms of our savior, Jesus Christ. He is our rock and fortress during these ever so challenging times.