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Friday, December 9, 2011


Dale hiding behind Abby.
We were attending a character supper at The Land in Disney World where we met Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale.  Our children were having a wonderful time meeting with Mickey and the rest of his friends, all the while eating our supper.  It was interesting that the whole eating platform where we ate supper rotated around the Land so we were able to get a birds eye view of the different exhibits below. 

Will and Abby saying goodbye to a new friend.
Our supper went well with our children meeting Mickey and Pluto, that is until Chip and Dale arrived.  Chip was talking to Will when all of sudden Chip backed away and hid behind Abby.  Will looked a little confused for a moment and then started to laugh when he perceived Chip to be playing hide and seek behind Abby.  After visiting with Abby and Will some more, Chip left, but before leaving, he gave both kids a hug.  Later, when resuming our supper I asked Will why Chip had hid behind his sister.  Will looked up at me and innocently said that he had told Chip that I trapped chipmunks back home.  I guess someone should have had a camera on me at the time, they would have seen a man desperately trying to regain his composure.  After a moment of trying to keep my coffee in my mouth rather than on the tablecloth, I looked up and saw my family laughing heartily.  The realization of what had just transpired hit home for them and it was all too funny.  The truth be known, I had trapped over 50 chipmunks in an attempt to stop the infestation in our garden.  Be it though futile in my attempts, I halted my crusade when drove after drove of chipmunks kept coming. Our garden was perceived by the chipmunks as a gourmet salad table, set just for them.  What I had not expected though for Will was to pass on my hunting expedition to Chip during his casual conversation with him.  “What is hidden in the dark will be revealed in the light.”  Luke 8:17