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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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The doctor arrived and started talking about insignificant things to me in his endeavor to get my mind off the event that was about to take place. His attempts, though, fell on deaf ears.  I could not concentrate on anything else but my eyes.  The nurse helped me to sit up in bed by lifting my back up while putting pillows behind me.  I could smell the light perfume on her body as she knelt close to me.  It made me sense that I was indeed a man, and it awoke something within me that I had not cared to seek out until now.  She touched my forehead and slowly began to loosen my bandages, all the while speaking softly to me about how well I was doing.  As the wrappings slowly were unwound, I could begin to see the light, and that in itself was wonderful.  Even if life were a blur to me, at least I could see the light around me rather than darkness.  Then I felt flushed and ashamed inside, my head drooped and my nurse stopped unwinding the bandages.  She touched my chin, and I could feel her breath against my face as she spoke.
“Do not be afraid, doctor, you will see again.”
“I am not afraid of not seeing nurse; I am ashamed that I am not satisfied with what I have.  My heart races in wanting to see once more, and yet it was only two days ago that I found myself at peace in being blind, just knowing I was alive and having been given far greater vision than sight, being filled with a wonderful awareness of contentment.”
I felt her hand reach down and hold mine; she gently caressed my forehead and whispered in my ear.
“Do not worry. You will be fine. I promise you that, no matter what happens!”
She continued to unwrap my bandages, and what I saw was beautiful.  There before my eyes was a blond haired angel looking at me, and she was smiling. 

“I can see!”
“I am glad that you see,” said the doctor. 
He examined both eyes and gave instructions that I wear darkened glasses for several days.  The doctor pulled the nurse off to one side.  I imagine he was giving her instructions as to my care.  After talking with her, he smiled and walked off, shaking his head.  I wondered what that was all about.  Just as he was about to disappear out of sight, he turned, smiled once more in my direction, and then he was gone.
I looked over at my nurse and saw her smiling at me, as well.  She started tending to the burns on my face and neck, all the while glancing up at me as she ministered to my wounds.
I had never in fact noticed women before.  Rather, I noticed them, but not in the light of their natural beauty and nurturing manners.  My nurse was very caring, and she appeared to be very confident in what she was doing.  I, in turn, began to flush with embarrassment at the obvious attraction I felt for her.  This beautiful nurse, as if having some unknown insight, noticed that I was embarrassed and stroked my hair from off my forehead.
“Doctor, please relax and let me take care of you.  I am very good at what I do, so there is no need to worry.”
“I am sure of that nurse, ah, I mean in taking care of me that is.”
I again felt myself go flush at my fumbling words.  I had never had any problems in the past expressing myself, and now I found that I was like an awkward schoolboy, trying to talk to a girl he finds attractive during recess. 

I looked over at the nurse, and just when she was ready to turn towards me, another patient asked for her.  I found my heart race at the thought of never seeing her again.  I caught myself acting rather strangely, and I was wondering if I had what many in medicine called the ‘nightingale effect.’  I was falling in love with my caretaker.  I felt foolish and very unprofessional at the thought, but I found that I could not help myself. 

 Was I indeed falling in love with this beautiful creature?  I guess time would only tell whether it was an infatuation or not.
Escaping from my mental ramblings, I noticed too late that she was gone.  My heart sank at the thought of possibly never being near her again.  I still remembered the smell of her perfume.  It reminded me of the springtime in the Yorkshire Dales.  The flowers were now in full bloom, and the heather slowly blowing back and forth at the bidding of its mate, the wind. 

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