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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


There is a hiking/bike trail right above this photo caption. It passes near Woodlawn Cemetery here in Winona. When our children were smaller, we would look for Leprechauns on the forest floor right here in this area. The wind would blow and leaves would move and Anne would excitedly say, "Look kids did you see the leaves moving, it was a leprechaun running by." Imagination would take over next and Will and/or Abby would swear that they saw the leprechaun running past. Because they saw so much in their mind's eyes as children, today they know in their hearts that the impossible is possible if one believes hard enough. There have been times that life has pulled me away from this vision and I have felt less so to believe, but now our children are the ones who cheer me on and encourage me to once again believe.
Rekindling imagination is what has brought so much innovation to our society as a whole. Risk taking, and venturing out into the unknown is what makes our lives exciting and worthwhile. If one could ask Edison, Einstein, or other explorers and innovators what made them excel, I believe their common theme would be, "Imagination!"