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Sunday, April 15, 2012



Teaching my son Will to blow snow.
Today storms are popping up from Texas all the way north to Minnesota with tornadoes sprouting in most of the states in the Midwest.  Right now, here we are having high winds with many dark clouds passing overhead.  During times like this I am glad we are not living on the prairie as Anne and I once did.  Anne is from North Dakota, there the wind does not seem to ever slow down.  I on the other hand grew up in Southwestern Minnesota where the wind is at such a premium that they are building wind farms as fast as they can construct them.  When driving through my home area recently, I found myself watching the huge wind generators at work.   One almost sees their propellers doing a ballet of motion, as they are all in sync one with another.  Since we now live several hundred feet below the prairie in the Mississippi River Valley, we have only a fraction of the wind that is blowing on the prairie above us.  As I listen sometimes to the high winds hitting the ridge tops, I look into the valley below and I seem to almost see God’s giant hands cupped around us, protecting us from the elements blowing far above. 

Winter time residents, cardinals.
When first coming to Winona, I was amazed at the snow falling straight down rather than at a 45 to 90 degree angle as it does so many times back home.  Anne once half jokingly told me that she almost fell over one day after moving to Winona when opening her car door.  She found absolutely no wind pressure holding her in the car. 

Each of you reading this are from different parts of the world, United States, Africa, China, Mongolia, Canada as well as different parts of Europe.   You have many different climates with extremes that might make where I live seem rather tame.  I have to admit though that we live in a world that has as many variables in weather as people that live in them.  God has made each of us as unique as the snowflakes that fall to our feet, not one is alike.  Though each of us are unique individuals, just as different as those snow flakes that fall to the ground around us, we are each very special in God’s eyes. 

God's Promise

I want to thank each one of you for taking the time in reading my blog regularly.  
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