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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finding Joy in our Day

Today I awoke and found that I had overslept and while looking out the window, I saw the sun was rising in the East with a beautiful red glow.  A little later, Anne and I went out on to the porch and had our usual ritual of coffee and homemade toast and strawberry jam that Anne had made.  We spoke about how the weather was beginning to change and how fall smells were in the air.  As we talked, we watched our family of hummingbirds at the feeder and on the flowers.  In the meantime, Toby our cat was putting her paws on the screen door asking to come outside, Anne then reached over and opened the door and Tobi walked through the doorway all the while meowing her thanks.  After asking for a few strokes of our hands on her back and jaw, she proceeded to go hunting.  In no time, Tobi caught a field mouse and then returned slowly walking back towards Anne.  I could see what was about to unfold.  Tobi came up to Anne and was ready to jump up on her lap and give the squirming mouse to her.  Seeing about what was to transpire, Anne pulled her legs quickly back off the floor, and after I silently chuckled over the situation, I grabbed Toby and took her and the mouse back out onto the sidewalk.  Toby had it in her mind that Anne would like to eat her new catch, the only individuals that did not see the humor in the situation was Anne, and of course, the mouse.  While carrying the odd couple away from Anne, the mouse fell from Toby's mouth and it quickly scurried away, again towards Anne.  Just before reaching the steps, it dashed under the porch.  Anne then started laughing at what had happened and we all contemplated what could have been.  

Later as we started talking about other things,  all the while Toby was again beginning to stalk other prey.  We later noticed her starting to meow as if she were frightened, and we then observed a small wren was chirping at Toby from our picnic table.  Tobi actually was afraid and starting running to the porch for safety.  Meanwhile, the wren followed Toby back chattering away at this fallen giant.  Toby had gone from being congratulated a minute before for catching a large field mouse, which was oddly the same size as the wren, and now she found herself cowering before this tiny winged predator.  Anne and I both laughed at this scene.  I then shared with Anne what Will and I saw a couple of days before.  There was a small hummingbird circling our pear tree chasing a chickadee.  At the time I pondered over this odd event, a bird chasing another half its size.  The chickadee then landed on a branch and rested, the hummingbird then followed suit.  A little while later we witnessed the same scene, only this time the chickadee began chasing the  hummingbird.  I then realized that they were playing tag.  I was pleasantly amused over the scene unfolding before me.  Later I watched the chickadee drinking from the hummingbird tube feeder and thought that rather odd.  What a surprising relationship they had with each other.  Again, later in the day I was passing by the chickadee feeder and noticed the hummingbird circling the chickadee while the it ate perched on the chickadee feeder.  It looked like it was pleading with the chickadee to come and play.  It is so wonderful to see that God's animals have so much fun in their everyday life.  

Too many times we focus on the weekend for our fun, or in the long term, retirement. We then miss out on the adventure before us.  Perhaps you are like me at times,  occasionally I look at the task before me and set my face like flint, and start my work with the endeavor of finishing it with all my drive and will.  All I have to do at these times is to look over and see my children doing their tasks, they are having so much fun in their work because they have found joy in what they doing.  Perhaps we can learn from nature, "and" our children.  Look at the work before you today, try to see the enjoyable side to what you are accomplishing, all the while try to discover the "fun" element in the tasks before you.  Have a day filled with joy in all that you do!  God Bless, Augie
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